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Tuscan Ultra Pasteurized Half & Half (1 qt)

Tuscan Ultra Pasteurized Half & Half (1 qt)

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Tuscan Dairy Farms Half and Half is a delicious way to elevate your favorite beverages and recipes. Made with fresh milk and cream, this half and half makes for a great alternative to coffee creamer and a rich, creamy addition to shakes and smoothies. Try using this half and half for baking to make delicious scones, biscuits, pancakes or other baked goods. When used in for cooking, Tuscan Dairy Farms half and half adds creaminess to pasta sauces, chowders and mashed potatoes. This quart-sized carton is easy to fit in the refrigerator and gives you an ample amount for cooking, baking and mixing into beverages. Tuscan Dairy Farms has been providing families with delicious, fresh dairy since 1918.

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