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BREATH SAVERS Sugar Free Spearmint Mints (0.75 oz)

BREATH SAVERS Sugar Free Spearmint Mints (0.75 oz)

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Pop in a BREATH SAVERS breath mint when you need a cooling zing of spearmint flavor. Because these mints are packed with flavor, you can feel confident that they'll rejuvenate your mouth and keep your taste buds happy. Spearmint-flavored BREATH SAVERS mints are the perfect minty treat — especially after a cup of coffee! Keep a roll of mints wherever you are. Stash them in your car, desk, pocketbook, backpack, lunch box or briefcase. Wherever you go, bring a roll with you for an invigorating, easy-access treat. Having fresh breath can give you a boost of confidence too, whether you're giving a presentation or talking with a friend. Even if you're attending a networking event, BREATH SAVERS spearmint mints are refreshing treats you can easily tuck away and use as needed. These breath mints are also handy to have around the house to enjoy as an after-dinner treat or display as party favors. No matter where you decide to keep them, you'll know that fresh breath is within arm's reach.

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