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Montauk Session IPA Cans (12 oz x 6 ct)

Montauk Session IPA Cans (12 oz x 6 ct)

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Come as you are. A good choice for any type of session - surf session, golf session, party session, whatever the session - grab a Montauk Session IPA. Three hop varieties complement each other to offer floral and citrus aromas before you take your first sip. What began in 2012 as a basement brewing operation among longtime friends, Montauk Brewing Company has grown to embody the spirit of the town. We delivered our first hand-filled kegs on bicycles to a couple of local bars. Although we have a sense of adventure and an active lifestyle, we are just as passionate about the simple pleasures in life. All of our beers honor this lifestyle. We invite you to come as you are and celebrate the no-frills good life with us at New York's Easternmost Brewery. The red brew-barn is just steps from the surf, right where it belongs. Our love of the ocean and the beach drove us to move away from plastic rings to more environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. 4.9% alc/vol.

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