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Stone Brewing IPA Beer Bottles (12 oz x 6 ct)

Stone Brewing IPA Beer Bottles (12 oz x 6 ct)

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The iconic West Coast style IPA. Stone IPA: This is the IPA that initiated Stone Brewing's reputation for hops and exposed a budding world of craft beer enthusiasts to our bold style as an emerging brewery. Long before IPAs were craft brewing's most prominent beer style, this beer was in our lineup, not because of public demand but because we simply loved it so much. Distinguished by bright hop fruitiness, piney vibrancy and pronounced, tantalizing bitterness, Stone IPA has stood tall as the epitome of the West Coast style IPA since 1997. Take a moment to savor and fully appreciate the complex tropical aromas and flavors achieved by enhancing our standard-bearer with an awesome new dry-hop blend. Otherwise our classic Stone IPA recipe remains intact. After all, this is the hop-forward IPA that's inspired countless others, including our own lineup of IPAs, double IPAs and triple IPAs that have collectively earned Stone a reputation as one of the most passionate and artful hop-driven breweries on the planet. For centuries, gargoyles have been attributed with the power to ward off evil spirits. Since 1996, our gargoyle has represented our philosophies at Stone Brewing by helping us ward off chemical additives, cheap ingredients and overall mediocrity - the modern-day evil spirits of beer! Certified Independent Craft Brewers Association. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. (at)StoneBrewing. (hashtag)StoneIPA. Please recycle. 6.9% alc/vol. 13.8

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